“Laws too gentle are seldom obeyed; too severe, seldom executed.” Benjamin Franklin.

Kraus & Triana is a multidisciplinar team of lawyers.

Law of Foreigners

Our over 18 years experience in this discipline guarantees the correct counselling in different matters regarding Law of Foreigners and Immigration.

Civil Law

In our law firm you may find a full service of guidance and counselling about matters derived from personal or proprietary relationships, both in the case of natural and artificial persons.

Property Purchases

At the time of purchasing a property, there are always issues that may complicate the transaction if not taken into account. In Kraus & Triana we give you advice from a legal point of view about all matters regarding a property purchase.

Family Law / Succesions

We have broad experience in cases regarding Family Law (separations, custodies, visiting rights, divorces, etc.). Besides, we are experts at fully counselling for inheritances, including all taxes regarding succession law.

Criminal Law

We give careful legal counselling and assistance to private persons and companies, both regarding the defense and prosecution in all kinds of criminal proceedings and instances.